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The Music Producer, LLC, is a Florida-based media, entertainment holding company that markets music production software on a global basis.

We identify, invest and develop unique entertainment and media properties that allow us to profit from licensing and royalties by implementing non-traditional marketing and distribution channels. Due to the changing laws and demands in the music and entertainment business, we are building an integrated platform to distribute next-generation technologies that bridge the pricing, quality and legal gaps between the consumer, the industry and emerging artists, producers and DJs. The Music Producer is a catalyst for user-generated content, self-expression, talent-scouting and connectivity.

The Music Producer has developed a music software application for the mass consumer market enabling anyone to write and produce music on their home PC. We love the creative spirit and one's ability to create something out of nothing. We foster an environment where the essence of being a true artist, producer, and DJ can be fulfilled. Our underlying mission is to inspire and enroll others in being self-expressed, entrepreneurs and activists through music creation.

As growth and success continue, The Music Producer will remain entrepreneurial in nature and maintain a streamlined management structure allowing the company to stay flexible, inspired, innovative and creative. A commitment to building a responsive and trend-scouting culture will keep The Music Producer "closer to the street" than its competitors and be better able to identify future music and entertainment trends at emerging stages.


The Music Producer is a privately held Miami-based company and is currently raising additional capital to match the unprecedented demand for our music creation software and online platform.

For more information, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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At The Music Producer we like to think that there's a music producer in everyone just waiting to make a hit record. The Music Producer is a music production software tool that makes it easy for beginners of all ages to make great music in a variety of genres including Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Latin and Dance. We've even catered for the aspiring DJ with The Music Producer DJ Mix software, which you can use to learn how to mix like a true superstar DJ. It really is so easy and so much fun.