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How to make Dance Music

When Daft Punk produced their platinum-selling debut album Homework in their bedroom the world hailed them as geniuses. Today, thanks to The Music Producer, everyone has the potential to produce dance music of the highest quality at home.

Our intuitive software package will teach you how to make dance music for beginners, and it’s probably a lot easier than you may have thought. You don’t need to particularly musically gifted and you don’t have to be an IT expert. All you need is a home PC and a passion for dance music.

Our software has everything you need to produce uplifting house, banging techno and chilled-out trance. In fact, once you’ve learnt how to make dance music for beginners, the sky’s the limit – if you can dream it you can make it with The Music Producer.

Paul Oakenfold, Sasha and John Digweed will be thankful they can hide behind a pair of turntables because they will be quaking in their sneakers when they discover that people with no musical experience at all have learnt how to make studio-quality dance music for beginners.

The Music Producer really have made learning how to make dance music for beginners so much fun. Everything is really simple and easy to use so you pick it up as you go along. If you ever do get stuck then we’ve made some handy online tutorials to help you along the road to super-stardom.

There’s no feeling like being in a club when a DJ drops a record and the whole crowd goes wild, well imagine if you’d produced that record. It may seem out of reach now but the reality is closer than you think with the help of The Music Producer. It takes no time at all to learn how to make studio-quality dance music so who knows - today it may be your bedroom you’re rocking and tomorrow you could be booked on a first class flight to Ibiza. With The Music Producer on your PC you have the potential to make the record that every girl wants the DJ to play.

Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles are often referred to as the Godfathers of house music and over the last 40 years or so the sound they pioneered has evolved and grown and new genres and sub genres have formed. Now that entire dance music evolution is condensed into one incredible piece of software and all you have to do to learn how to make dance music for beginners like a pro is install it on your home PC.

Order your copy today and in the short time it takes to learn how to make dance music for beginners you could literally be a star of tomorrow.

The music producer DVD release


  • Su interfaz fácil de utilizar te permite hacer arreglos de tipo profesional en corto tiempo
  • 3,400 samples para mezclar, emparejar y crear tus propias pistas
  • Agrega tu propia voz usando un micrófono y la Grabadora de sonidos de Microsoft
  • Crea tus propios acordes, tonos para teléfonos y pistas de demo
  • Elige diferentes skins
  • Graba en MP3 o en CD


  • Versión en DVD

  • Samples: Incluye 3.400 Samples
  • Versión para descargar

  • Incluye 150 samples y canciones de demostración
  • Samples adicionales disponibles en la Página de Descarga de Samples. (Más de 3.250 incluídos en tu compra)
  • Tiempo estimado para descarga - 20 Minutos
  • Tamaño 90MB

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Disk Space (DVD): 1.85GB
  • Disk Space (Download): 90MB
  • Sound Card Required
  • Microphone (internal or external) required for Voice Recording
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Con nuestras tutorías puedes dejar a un lado los manuales y empezar a crear tus propias pistas de inmediato.
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En The Music Producer nos gusta pensar que todos son productores de música potenciales a la espera de hacer un disco exitoso. The Music Producer es un software de producción de música que facilita a los principiantes de todas las edades la tarea de crear música excelente en una gran variedad de géneros, inclusive pop, rock, hip hop, música latina y dance. Incluso nos ocupamos del aspirante a DJ con el software The Music Producer DJ Mix, que puedes usar para aprender a mezclar como un verdadero DJ superestrella. Es realmente muy fácil de usar y muy divertido.
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