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The Music Producer continues to make a splash…getting the attention and endorsement of people and producers in the know!

Rawy Torres, is the latest celebrity to rave about The Music Producer!

Rawy TorresMiami, FL – October 22nd, 2009 - In a recent visit to South Beach, Rawy , a former member of Latin boys band sensation Menudo from 1989-1990, and current songwriter/producer, sat down for a trial run at TMP.

“I think it’s a great software,” said Rawy, as he created music from scratch, using the latest version of The Music Producer 2.0. In just 5 minutes of tinkering with the software, with no tutorial or formal training, Rawy had the beginnings of a Spanish ballad, decked with vocals, chords, beats and piano accompaniment.

Rawy states, “One of the good things about the program is that it’s very user friendly” as he clicked the mouse, proudly playing his newest creation. “People that want to play music -- want to play with music and maybe they think they can’t do it … and now they will do it!”

The Puerto Rican born artist was most impressed with the quality of the results and the ease of use, of The Music Producer 2.0, especially when compared to more costly and complicated competitors. He said, “The thing is that you have to buy a lot of books.” Speaking about his experience with other products on the market, “You have to take a lot of courses, classes, everything to understand the program to try to do something. He explains that in many cases it takes a long time to become familiar with the software…I would say months.”

One of Rawy’s favortite things about TMP is the price point. At just 39.95, it makes music creation accessible to nearly everyone, and it will have you making music immediately.

Rawy’s passion for music is contagious and his love and respect for his fans, even more so. At (enter Rawy’s age) Rawy is a veteran of the music business, having started his career when he was only 7. When asked about what advice he has for people getting started in the music biz, he said: “First thing is to fight for their dream. It’s the first thing I always say. Keep focused on what you want to do, keep the faith and believe in what you’re doing.” The Music Producer 2.0, was designed to support music entrepreneurs, from beginners to intermediates, to do just that.

Have you experienced the magic of TMP yet? Visit us at: themusicproducer.com, download a free version of our software, and start making music today.

Rawy Torres (born August 11, 1976), is a Puerto Rican singer, composer, and guitarist, who was a member of the well known boy band, Menudo. Torres joined Menudo in 1989. Torres gained teen idol status in Latin America when Menudo released the Los Ultimos Heroes CD. Los Ultimos Heroes proved to be one of Menudo's last major international hits (the band still exists, under the new name Tick Tock). Torres and Avellanet both left Menudo in 1991. Torres and Avellanet almost immediately became bandmates again, in a group, Euphoria. Torres then embarked on a solo singing career. Rawy Torres reappeared with some of his former bandmates in a reunion group that was inspired by the success of El Reencuentro, another group that was composed by six former Menudos from the early 1980s. Torres and his fellow former Menudo bandmates, including Avellanet, named their reunion group Los Ultimos Heroes, like the album that had helped the late 1980s version of Menudo regain a fan base in Latin America. Torres is married, and he keeps performing as a solo singer. For more information about Rawy visit: http://rawytorres.sites.uol.com.br/

About The Music Producer

The Music Producer has developed a fun, affordable and easy-to-use music production software application for the mass consumer market enabling anyone to write and produce music on their home PC. You can create music, demos, beats, ring tones, as well as music for your video creations. We love the creative spirit and one’s ability to create something out of nothing. We foster an environment where the essence of being a true artist, producer, and DJ -- can be fulfilled. Our underlying mission is to inspire and enroll others in being self-expressed, entrepreneurs and activists through music creation.

The Music Producer offers a 30-day free trial, retails for only $39.95 and is available for purchase via digital download or a boxed version shipped to your door.

The Music Producer, LLC, is a Florida-based media and entertainment holding company that markets music production software on a global basis. The Music Producer is a catalyst for user-generated content, self-expression, talent-scouting and connectivity. For more information about this article and The Music Producer visit our website at www.TheMusicProducer.com .

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"Making Music Easy!"

The music producer DVD release


  • Easy Drag & Drop Interface allows you to make CD quality sound arrangements in no time
  • 3,400 samples to mix, match and
    create your own tracks
  • Add your own voice with a
    microphone and Microsoft Recorder
  • Create your own beats, songs,
    ringtones or demo track
  • Chose from different skins
  • Save to MP3 or a CD


  • DVD Version

  • Samples: Includes 3,400 Samples
  • Downloadable Version

  • Includes 150 preloaded samples and demo songs
  • Additional Samples Available on Sample Download Page (3250+ included with purchase)
  • Estimated Download Time - 20 Minutes
  • Size 90MB

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Disk Space (DVD): 1.85GB
  • Disk Space (Download): 90MB
  • Sound Card Required
  • Microphone (internal or external) required for Voice Recording
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At The Music Producer we like to think that there's a music producer in everyone just waiting to make a hit record. The Music Producer is a music production software tool that makes it easy for beginners of all ages to make great music in a variety of genres including Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Latin and Dance. We've even catered for the aspiring DJ with The Music Producer DJ Mix software, which you can use to learn how to mix like a true superstar DJ. It really is so easy and so much fun.