Quick Start Guide


To Begin Making Music

1. CLICK preferred genre on left side of screen

TMP Menu


TMP Instruments


TMP Sample

4. NOTE: Each beat sample is marked with a WAV length. Beats are matched according to this. Samples may be stretched or minimized by CLICKING AND DRAGGING the end of the box (green and red) to the left or right. However, playback may be affected.

TMP Drag

5. To REPLICATE a beat or measure, CLICK the desired beat/measure on the right side of screen > CLICK Copy


6. Then repeatedly CLICK Paste until desired length of beat/measure is reached.


7. CLICK Play in order to hear the song you have made.


8. CLICK Stop in order to stop play; CLICK and HOLD the white line and move to the right to fast forward, and move the line to the left to rewind.


9. To save to a CD ROM, save as a .wav file, and use whichever CD creator program you may have (i.e. ROXIO, NERO, etc.)



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Looping instructions

Use the Looper Screen to Create Custom Music Samples/Loops

1.To begin creating custom music samples, Click on the LOOPER button to switch from the Song Writing Window to the Looper Screen./p>


2. Import samples into the Looper Section by dragging a sample from the file manager or from your sound library and dropping it in one of the looper sample slots. NOTE: To remove samples from the Looper Section, right click on the sample you wish to remove.

3. Customize samples by adding Beat Counts. To add Beat Counts, simply click on the Beat Button to the right of the sample slot. NOTE: To deselect, simply right click on the beat count.

4.To further customize your sample, use the Effect Window to add effects and manipulate the overall pitch of your creation.


5.CLICK Play in order to hear the customized sample you have created.

6. Once you’ve created a sample you are satisfied with, you can save it by clicking Make Loop.

7.The Loop will appear at the bottom of your sound library, and can be used in the Song Writing Window as a sample.

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Vocal recording instructions

Import your Voice into The Music Producer Record Producer by using Microsoft Sound Recorder. MS Sound Recorder is in any PC with Windows 98 or higher.

  1. On the Start menu, click on Programs; Accessories, and then click Sound Recorder.
  2. Click the Start Recording Button and then record your voice.
  3. Click the Stop Recording Button to end the recording.
  4. After clicking the stop button, you will be prompted to save your recording. Click on C: Drive; Program Files; The Music Producer.
  5. Double Click Samples.
  6. Create a new folder and name the folder Voice Recordings; Name your voice recording and then click Save. Your newly recorded voice is now saved as a .wav file and can be placed anywhere in the song creator window on The Music Producer Record Producer interface.
  7. To access your newly recorded voice in The Music Producer Record Producer: simply double click on samples and then Voice Recording and your voice should be there in .wav format.

NOTE: To record sounds, your computer must have a soundcard installed and a plugged-in.

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Converting Files into MP3

In order to convert your music files into .mp3 format you must download a MP3 encoder onto your PC.

We recommend two alternative encoders; BLAZE and LAME. You can download these encoders for free by visiting the following websites.

Blaze (ShareWare):  http://www.blazemp.com/downloads.html

Lame (FreeWare):  http://www.free-codecs.com/Lame_Encoder_download.htm

In order for the encoders to work correctly, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Visit one of the recommend website.
  2. When the window pops up that asks you where you would like to save the file, make sure you save it in the same directory you have saved Hip Hop Record Producer to. By default it is: C:/ Program File / PCDJ Producer
  3. Once the encoder is installed open Record Producer.
  4. Select the encoder you installed from the drop down box in the program's "config." options.
  5. When you have selected the MP3 codec in the "config" options, drop down the rate selection and set it to the highest option. Then do it again, and you will find that higher numbers appear.
  6. Keep repeating STEP 5 and the numbers will gradually climb to the highest level available.
  7. Save your options and you will be able to export to MP3 in the same manners as WAV.

If you require additional assistance, please email our support center at support@themusicproducer.com

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Additional Information

Visit our website at www.themusicproducer.com for additional information on:

  • How to enhance your beats by adding effects and further fine-tuning and editing your tracks
  • How you can become the next winner of The Music Producer Win a Music Contract Contest

Visit our My Music Space Section on our website and connect with other members like you by showcasing your musical talent and to receive feedback from other artists, producers, and viewers.

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